Academics and Research

A perfomer in the play 'Personal Game'
February 22

Orchestra Next writes a musical score using a 'telephone game'

Musicians write the piece by each adding their own part and passing it to the next
Curiosity rover on Mars
February 19

Mars rovers safe from lightning strikes, new UO research finds

A study released as Perseverence neared the planet finds low chance of electrical storms
Trauma surgeons work on the leg of an injured patient
February 18

Suppressed immune response linked to failed bone healing

Team says a blood test could one day identify patients whose bones may resist repair
Stilianos Louca
February 16

UO biologist chosen for a Sloan Research Fellowship

Two-year grant will help Stilianos Louca in his big data-driven studies of microbial life
Prison Education Program group photo
February 16

New grant helps the UO increase access to education in prisons

Funding from the Mellon Foundation will allow the Prison Education Program to expand
Susan Campbell Hall
February 15

Graduate School honors recipients of 2020-21 awards

More than 90 UO doctoral and master’s degree students were honored this year
Center for Science Communication Research
February 12

Small grants help tackle big science communications problems

The Center for Science Communication Research aids research across campus
New growth after wildfire
February 11

Study shows pollen records can measure ecosystem health

Thomas Brussel’s new approach can help manage sites for a changing climate
Daniel Lowd on a unicycle
February 9

Professor helps teach computers to teach themselves

Daniel Lowd uses artificial intelligence to make networks better at spotting scams
Girl during Zoom session on laptop
February 5

HEDCO clinic maintains a lifeline for families through pandemic

The Speech-Language-Hearing Center shifted to teletherapy to keep services available