Academics and Research

June 29
The new research is accompanied by a graphic novel that helps illustrate the findings
June 27
The bizarre-looking fish are missing key genes that guide development, study shows
June 24
Some states, such as Oregon, might see few immediate changes, but other issues loom
June 24
UO research shows how much opening windows and using blinds can cool homes
June 22
Putting humans into the body of a sea turtle influenced attitudes on environmental issues
June 21
Two research teams representing three academic departments received awards
June 17
Research done at the UO points to better strategies for managing future epidemics
June 14
SOJC professor Seth Lewis and co-authors ask whether journalism has lost its relevance
June 13
Undergraduate program aims to improve cultural knowledge and communication
June 13
Paul Slovic says people need to remember they have the power to make a difference