Academics and Research

Azim Shariff
July 14

Researcher: Religion influences behavior — both good and bad

For as long as people have believed in heaven and hell, a debate has simmered.
A leaf-cutter at work (photo: Robert Schofield)
July 9

Physicist finds new world with leaf-cutter ants

At first glance, the thousands upon thousands of leaf-cutter ants in Robert Schofield’s laboratory suggest nothing so much as chaos.
Yarris studied how rural women in Nicaragua describe physical distress
June 23

Medical anthropology: How culture influences the experience of illness

Kristin Yarris was interviewed regarding a study of rural women in Nicaragua and how they describe physical distress and symptoms of illness.
A computer reconstruction of a Higgs boson “candidate”
June 18

UO physicist was “trigger” for Higgs boson breakthrough

David Strom played a pivotal role in last summer’s monumental discovery of what is believed to be the elusive Higgs boson particle.
June 16

Researcher studies ‘narco narratives’ in Juárez

Claudia Holguín Mendoza conducted ethnographic research in her hometown of Juárez, the Mexican city infamous for narco violence.
Ozog won a Computational Science Graduate Fellowship from DOE
June 16

Ph.D. student wins Department of Energy fellowship

David Ozog has won a Computational Science Graduate Fellowship from the Department of Energy.
Dewey received a $50,000 award from RIGE for a position in medical anthropology
June 13

Dewey wins $50,000 research grant

Research by Patricia Dewey has been recognized with a $50,000 I3 Award from the Office of Research, Innovation, and Graduate Education.
Clark found academic deficits in low-birth-weight babies with low brain volume
June 12

Researcher ties academic struggles to reduced brain volume in kids

A new study by a University of Oregon research team shows that pre-term babies might struggle academically later in life if they have smaller brain volume.
Corwin's exploration of disordered particulate systems was recognized
May 27

Corwin lands $560,000 NSF CAREER Award

Eric Corwin has won a 2012 NSF Faculty Early Career Development award for his efforts to create order from disorderly particulate systems
Janis Weeks
May 21

UO receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for research in global health and development

Janis Weeks will pursue the research project, “Neurophysiology-based platform for STH drug discovery.”