Academics and Research

July 28
Award-winning concept by UO physicist Richard Taylor envisions electronic implants that match up with specific neurons.
July 28
The Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship will give students a new avenue to pursue research as part of a bachelor's program.
July 25
The event will focus on microbe and host interaction, but it will also delve into the philosophy of microbiology.
July 22
UO, Oregon Research Institute and Clean Energy Works Oregon will focus on homes that are implementing major weatherization projects.
July 16
'PlankZooka' may revolutionize deep-sea collection of plankton, say scientists from the UO, Duke University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
July 12
Weak adherence to recommended practices may be behind the levels of greenhouse gases coming from large-scale organic farming operations.
July 2
Doctoral student finds way to fast-forward geological time to see how places like Oregon's Painted Hills and the Colorado Plateau evolved.
June 30
A small opening in the heart that doesn't close in infancy is linked by a study in Bolivia to potentially serious health complications.
June 29
Rise or fall of the stress hormone cortisol may be an important factor in coming out ahead financially, finds a team led by psychology's Pranjal Mehta.
June 29
The Media Ambassadors Program helps connect journalists with UO faculty with expertise on issues of the day.