Academics and Research

June 24

UO study says smartphones are carriers of your own microbiome

Your smartphone captures your own microbial makeup and potentially could be tapped as bacterial or environmental sensors
June 24

Melting Greenland Ice Sheet is focus of new findings by UO geologist

David Sutherland is part of a team that has provided an all-new look at the connection between the ocean and Greenland’s outlet glaciers
Azim Shariff
June 19

UO study suggests brain studies may reduce a person's belief in free will

It seems learning about the brain has implications for attitudes related to morality and responsibility
June 18

UO team shows that sleep matters, especially as you get older

UO researchers have shown, on an international scale, that six to nine hours of quality sleep at a time is vital for daily thinking effectiveness
June 18

UO programs fit the bill for the nation's 'Day of Making'

The UO is noting its "unique combination of culture, infrastructure and tools that enable making across the state of Oregon"
Doug Toomey
June 10

UO earthquake expert testifies on need to enhance early warning capability

Douglas Toomey told a House oversight panel today that the Pacific Northwest is "in the window" of geologic time for a catastrophic Cascadia-fault earthquake
Edward Vogel
May 8

UO researchers detail fundamentals of visual tracking in the brain

Edward Vogel's research team details how your attention to detail helps you track objects across the midline of your brain
May 7

Wyoming video, with UO help, tracks migration of mule deer

A video of migrating mule deer in Wyoming is breathtaking, as well as groundbreaking for scientists from the InfoGraphics Lab
Stephanie Majewski at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva
May 7

Stephanie Majewski selected for national Early Career Award

Stephanie Majewski is among 35 scientists chosen to receive funding under the Department of Energy's Early Career Research Program
Three Minute Thesis was founded by the University of Queensland
May 5

UO Graduate School to hold Three Minute Thesis competition

Grad students will pack all of their research into a quick chat and one PowerPoint slide when they compete in Three Minute Thesis