Academics and Research

September 18
Brendan Bohannan will use the UO's genomic and computer-modeling technologies on soils affected by shifting rainforests to farmland
September 15
Biology professor John Postlethwait and his team hope the change the way new drugs for human disease are developed
September 2
The UO Community Service Center will use a state tourism grant to assess the status of historic theaters around the state
August 28
Razink's skills operating a state-of-the-art high-resolution transmission electron microscope at CAMCOR have him seeing diamonds
August 20
The newly published findings revealed that regression was seen in the ability to multitask among athletes returning to play within a month
August 20
International studies professor Kristin Yarris spent time in Mexico this summer studying the effect of America-bound immigrants on that country
August 18
An interdisciplinary team of UO researchers was awarded a $1.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation
August 13
UO scientists are testing how grasses and plant species will adapt, change or potentially go extinct under projected climate conditions
August 13
By reducing the amount of tuition charged to grants for certain research assistants, the university will be able to spread its research dollars further
July 31
John Chalmers and Bill Harbaugh testify before a legislative task force looking at ways to encourage people to save money for retirement