Academics and Research

Russia's Vladimir Putin with China's Xi Jinping
February 9

Behind the scenes, subplots abound at Beijing’s Winter Games

UO researcher studies how politics and economics join athletics on the world’s biggest stage
Woman writing math problem on chalkboard
February 8

$2.3 million grant will help math department grow and diversify

The NSF award is a big step toward a long-term shift in the department's culture
Olympic downhill skier
February 7

UO business students help keep winter Olympians toasty

They created heated ski shorts to keep athletes’ muscles warm while training and waiting
Bacteria illustration
February 3

Primate proteins evolve to guard against pathogens, study finds

Gene swapping creates striking differences that help block harmful bacteria
Vaccine card with vaccine vials and hypo
February 2

Survey shows vaccine opposition dipping among Oregonians

But a substantial number continue to hold out against shots that help protect against COVID-19
James Muruthi in Kenya
January 31

Researcher to study aging and social relationships in Kenya

James Muruthi will survey Kenyans in poverty through the Center for Equity Promotion
2022 AAAS fellows
January 28

Four UO faculty members are named fellows of the AAAS

Their research focuses on microbes, coastal archaeology, sulfur and anthropology
Modern and prehistoric beaver skulls
January 28

Rodents of unusual size are found in Oregon’s fossil record

MNCH marks Darwin's birth month with exhibit on giant beavers that once roamed Oregon
Trygve Faste in studio
January 28

Forget the lightbulb. Prof says good design is all about iteration

Trygve Faste helps students understand that small steps pave the path to better products
Special education student at home
January 26

COVID-19 challenges hit special ed teachers especially hard

The stress of helping vulnerable and disabled students via remote learning has taken a toll