Academics and Research

A globe in a classroom
July 24

Grants and awards roll in for College of Education researchers

Faculty members have attracted more than $6 million in federal funding in recent months
Regina Lawrence
July 17

Professor sees a rebirth of journalism using new approaches

The UO's Regina Lawrence believes the notion that journalism is dying are wrong
Puzzle pieces with words conflict resolution
July 17

Restorative justice helps teachers solve classroom problems

A UO law school program provides alternatives to traditional discipline aimed at keeping kids in school
Student singing
July 13

Young tunesmiths get down with the sound of music

A new SOMD audio recording class puts students behind the soundboard
Oregon State Peniteniary
July 12

Russian lit moves behind bars in UO's Inside-Out program

English professor Steven Shankman brings UO students into prison to learn with inmates
A view of El Capitan in California's Yosemite National Park
July 10

Research: El Capitan holds the history of volcanic plumbing

Leif Karlstrom says the California landmark provides helps show why a lot of magma stays underground
Image shows Madonna Moss in a field behind camas seed pods and blue flowers
June 29

UO graduate students get a taste of Native camas cooking

Anthropologist Madonna Moss takes students through the harvest and roasting of camas in a course that helped her prepare for a new fall course
Paul Slovic at his desk
June 28

OQ: Research that gets to the heart of compassion

The UO's Paul Slovic is a leading expert on what does, and does not, drive human compassion
Roben Itchoak walking out of the Knight Library
June 26

Class digs deep into life stories to help understand Latino Roots

A two-term class goes deep to bring the lives of underrepresented people into the light
How streams of dark matter may appear around bright objects in space
June 22

UO theorists hope to shine some light on dark matter

Experiments based mostly on the Standard Model have not yet produced anticipated discoveries