Academics and Research

Man with foot in cast
August 21

UO-led study helps guide physical therapy after injuries

Knight Campus director leads team studying blood vessel growth during recovery
Student wearing noise-canceling headphones
August 19

The UO's brain injury research gets into more teachers’ hands

Educators can now access key findings that help kids get back into the classroom
Healthy food next to junk food
August 17

Parental choices on junk food, healthy eating influence children

UO study finds parental views are another challenge for promoting healthy eating
Mount Shasta and cinder cones
August 14

Study shows what’s below ‘recent’ Cascade eruptions

New dive into data documents nearly 3,000 volcanoes active in last 2.6 million years
Fish tanks in the UO's zebrafish lab
August 11

UO team will use zebrafish in new study of aquatic symbioses

A Moore Foundation grant will help researchers examine animal species living together
Laser light passing through lenses
August 10

UO researchers collaborate on new national quantum centers

They are advancing quantum information science, engineering, education and training
Dennis Jenkins at Paisley Caves
August 7

Paisley Caves study uncovers a new scoop on ancient poop

Results confirm the oldest directly dated human remains in the Western Hemisphere
Illustration of a protein
August 5

UO biochemist awarded $2.88 million to study the cytoskeleton

Brad Nolen and his lab will study proteins that guide cell shape and function
Illustration of DNA helix
August 3

Knight Campus scientist boosts strength of genetic synthesis

Calin Plesa is improving a cheaper way to synthesize genes that he helped create at UCLA
Paper chains in a circle
July 29

UO team works to boost access to mental health tools for youth

Researchers want to spread a successful pilot program for sixth graders nationwide