Academics and Research

Syringe with vaccine
February 3

The next vaccine hurdle? Convincing a skeptical public

UO faculty weigh in on steps that could bring the pandemic scourge to an earlier end
Super Bowl team logos
February 2

Research shows investors take stock of Super Bowl advertisers

Stock in companies that advertised during the game surged in areas with a team playing
Middle school student studying
January 29

Donors launch endowment to aid Journalistic Learning Initiative

Nancy and Dave Petrone hope the new fund will make the program self-sustaining
Stone money discs on Yap Island
January 28

Researchers turn to stones to find the ancient origin of Bitcoin

Two professors find parallels between old rock discs and the new digital currency
ARCO am/pm sign
January 27

Consumer protection research gets boost from new funding

An award from a class-action lawsuit will give the UO $300,000 each year for 10 years
U.S. Army soldiers depicted attacking Native Americans
January 26

Book examines Native American genocide and its survivors

Jeffrey Ostler’s 'Surviving Genocide' surveys three centuries of violence on the frontier
Esports player with Duck on headphones
January 22

SOJC researchers look at how the pandemic affects esports

Amanda Cote and Maxwell Foxman want to help strengthen virtual gaming programs
Illustration suggesting global commerce
January 21

Study: Treaties help developing economies spur investment

UO finance prof and colleagues say the pacts double chances of cross-border mergers
Jonathan Brundan and James Isenberg
January 20

Two UO profs named American Mathematical Society fellows

Jonathan Brundan, James Isenberg join 10 other UO faculty members with the honor
Brain illustration
January 19

Neuroscience team wins grant to explore cognitive flexibility

A $5 million grant will help explore the neural mechanisms behind shifts in attention