Academics and Research

Taking peat samples in Indonesia
October 6

UO team identifies what could be world's oldest tropical peatland

A site on Borneo is 47,800 years old and carries an archive of environmental changes
Flooding in Missouri
October 2

As atmospheric carbon rises, so do rivers, adding to flooding

New research confirms a time-tested link between climate change and flooding
Brown-headed spider monkey
September 29

UO biologist calls for protection of Ecuadorian forest reserve

A petition started by Bitty Roy is behind a legal brief seeking to safeguard biodiversity
Workers harvesting strawberries
September 25

Oregon farmworkers face COVID challenges, new study says

Surveys indicate workers don't get enough help to slow the spread of COVID-19
Protesters in Portland
September 24

Snowden journalism interns cover COVID-19, protests

The program places student journalists in news media outlets around Oregon
Sand in a pile
September 23

Glass molecules can act like sand when jammed, study finds

The findings open a new way to study properties of glass with computational techniques
Collage of portrait photos of the 2020 URA winners
September 22

Ten students win 2020 Undergraduate Research Awards

The honors recognize students for research done using resources at UO Libraries
Latino student in class
September 21

New program starting in fall will offer a minor in Latinx studies

The program will focus on the history, culture, complexity and diversity of Latinx peoples
UO physicist Tien-Tien Yu
September 18

UO physicist Tien-Tien Yu receives New Horizons prize

The award recognizes early career scientists who have made an impact on their fields
Tech firm workers
September 18

New study tracks COVID-19’s effects on small tech firms

Management professor Lauren Lanahan will examine challenges faced by small firms