Academics and Research

November 4
The analysis is part of an effort to conserve migratory species and their travel corridors
November 4
Gut microbes encourage brain cells to prune back 'social' brain circuits, a key function
November 2
A UO professor sees parallels between early sailors and colonizing the final frontier
November 2
The approach turns years of work into days, making new kinds of genetic tests possible
November 1
2021-22 was a record year for UO patents, startups, partnerships and student support
October 31
The UO's Agora Journalism Center does first assessment of Oregon's news ecosystem
October 31
Advances in bioengineering, materials science offer hope for breakthrough therapies
October 26
Research at the Oregon Center for Electrochemistry focuses on the energy cycle
October 25
Roger Best and Dennis Howard assembled a catalog of the $2.3 trillion sports industry
October 21
The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston is dedicated to hands-on learning