Academics and Research

UO doctoral student Gwynne Mhuireach in the field
August 2

UO study finds what's in the air at Eugene's parks, parking lots

A pilot study of microbial communities in urban settings could point toward the need for green spaces in growing cities
A lecture class at the Mohammed Almana College for Health Sciences in Saudi Arabia
August 1

Saudi health faculty to visit UO to talk, train with colleagues

Scholars will work with the UO's Science Literacy Program Mobile Summer Institute
Wifi symbol with eyes
August 1

OQ: Online safety and the new ethics of privacy

A new center at the UO is researching ways to keep data secure while working to define privacy in the digital age
UO doctoral student Brandon VanderBeek
July 27

UO-led team may have solved a mystery of plate movement

Discoveries off the Washington coast suggest that molten material of the mantle is a driving, active player in the shifting of Earth's outer shell
Outline of a bird with the words 'Je suis Charlie' inside
July 27

Researchers study tweets to gain insights on mental health

Two faculty are delving into social media for clues about personalities, emotions and potential clinical symptoms.
Raghu Parthasarathy in his lab
July 26

Zebrafish at UO shed light on bacterial competition in the gut

Researchers in three UO labs discover that normal muscle contractions of the gut are as vital as bacterial populations in maintaining health
Emily Sales
July 22

Doctoral student selected for prestigious Gilliam fellowship

Emily Sales, a student in Chris Doe's lab, studies the way neural circuits form to one day better treat brain diseases
A soldier in battle gear with ear buds
July 22

Tuning into war: Prof's new book looks at music and battle

English and folklore professor Lisa Gilman found that music helped soldiers cope
UO political science professor Joe Lowndes
July 20

'Trump phenomenon' draws UO prof to Cleveland

Joe Lowndes, who studies conservatism and elections, will write about upheaval in the Republican party
Graphic showing brain and icons (Illustration by Isabel Espanol)
July 20

Researchers probe brain structure to find new treatments

At the UO's new Center for Translational Neuroscience, researchers work toward personalized solutions for problems ranging from addiction and depression to...