Academics and Research

March 19

Chicken DNA bones up theory on Polynesian settlement

Study co-authored by UO's Hunt: Prehistoric chicken bones suggest human migration from Southeast Asian to South Pacific
March 11

UO technology spinout gets Oregon BEST award for field testing

The new supramolecular sensor technology will lead to efficiencies in fertilizer purchases and applications, and will reduce groundwater pollution
James Meadow
March 7

UO center on quest to document indoor microbes, guide healthier buildings

New paper documents bacteria - for the most part, normally-occurring - found on desks, chairs, walls, floors of Lillis Hall
Sandra Brooke (right) works on ship with Steve Ross from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington
March 7

UO's Oregon Institute of Marine Biology recognized by interior secretary

OIMB collaboration recognized by U.S. Secretary of the Interior with Partners in Conservation Award
Gordon Sayre, professor of English, delivers the Spring 2014 Presidential Research Lecture on Tuesday (photo by Lewis Taylor)
March 6

Sayre takes Presidential Research Lecture audience on historical journey

English professor uses lecture to explore often-forgotten role of French explorers in American history
Science demonstration at a previous Science and Invention Fair
March 5

Young scientists from around Oregon converge on UO campus

Students will attend 3rd annual UO Science and Invention Fair, and Central Western Oregon Science Expo
March 3

Nominations accepted for new Dixon Award for graduate innovation

The fellowship will support as many as six doctoral students pursuing innovative experiences
Students talk at last year's Graduate Research Forum
February 25

UO's fifth annual Graduate Research Forum will be largest, most inclusive

The one-day UO conference showcases research and creative expressions by graduate students in all of the university’s graduate colleges and schools
Vertebrae from herring collected at an archeological site
February 19

Herring are important contributor to life along the Pacific Coast

Bones of Pacific herring have provided researchers a lesson in ecological history that should aid in fisheries management in the future
Networking eventually leads to more correct answers
February 18

UO study says networking cuts down on thinking skills

Need an answer to a problem? Cast it out to your social networks. Chances are you'll get the solution, but it may not expand your analytical thinking abilities