Campus News

The health center pharmacy now has cheaper medicines for faculty and staff
June 10

New health center service: cheaper over-the-counter medicines

There’s a new service at the University Health Center: Cheaper over-the-counter medicine for faculty and staff.
Li will chair technical program computer committees in Germany, China and Texas
June 10

Computer professor scores trifecta with committee posts

Jun Li’s work as a professor in Computer and Information Sciences will take him from Germany to China to Texas over the next 18 months.
Pawelek resolves conflict -- in the ring and at the negotiating table
June 9

"There’s no better feeling than winning the fight"

In March, University of Oregon law school student Roma Pawelek suffered a pinched nerve in her neck that caused pain to
Washbourne's team worked with a gene critical to autism
June 9

Neuroscientist manipulates gene with autism ramifications

New research by a scientist in the University of Oregon’s Institute of Neuroscience illustrates how a gene critic
June 9

Survey will guide research support on campus

A new, university-wide facility seeks your input as it determines how best to support faculty and student research efforts.
The annual meeting gave student investors a chance to present results
June 9

Annual meeting caps year for student investors

In the Lundquist College of Business, students learn money management by investing real money, working with real portfolios and creating annual reports.
President Gottfredson (right), with Ramón Ramirez, president of PCUN
June 6

University celebrates state’s “Latino Roots”

Dagoberto Morales grew up poor in Michoacán, Mexico, although he didn’t know it. Everyone was poor.
June 6

University seeks permission to arm campus police officers

The University of Oregon has submitted a docket item to the Oregon University System asking the State Board of Higher Education to consider a request to equi
June 6

Volunteers sought for commencement

You don’t have to be a graduating student to enjoy commencement – faculty and staff can get in on the fun, too.
Ruggeri is helping to bring sustainable cities to Morocco
June 5

Ruggeri shares sustainability expertise at Morocco consortium

Sustainable cities aren’t a concept specific to Eugene or even the United States.