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Hackett uses multimedia to end mass atrocity crimes
January 18

Multimedia used to end mass atrocities

Multimedia, long a tool used to various ends, is now helping to end mass atrocity crimes.
Mondloch will discuss Mori’s "Wave UFO"
January 17

CSWS Noon Talk covers “neuroscientific turn”

There is an ongoing debate about the increasing influence of the brain sciences – and the next Noon Talk by the Center for
Benjamin Wilkinson
January 17

UO PEOPLE PROFILE: University Housing's Benjamin Wilkinson

Benjamin Wilkinson is passionate about coffee. He loves creating it, describing it and presenting it.
Scott Huette (right) is a tai chi teacher and student
January 17

A couple minutes with Scott Huette

Tai chi translates as “supreme ultimate fist.”
photo by Luca Galuzzi -
January 17

Dalai Lama is 14th in a nearly 900-year succession of spiritual leaders

The Dalai Lama who will visit the University of Oregon on May 10 is the 14th in a line of Tibetan spiritual – and at times political – leaders tha
President Obama signed the act into law on Jan. 2
January 16

Effects of fiscal cliff bill on UO payroll

President Obama signed into law the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 on Jan.
January 16

On-campus flu vaccinations available

Flu season is in full swing across the U.S., including Oregon.
A scene from a previous Reverse Vendor Fair
January 15

Reverse vendor fair coming Feb. 27

The University of Oregon is turning the tables on would-be vendors, so to speak.