College of Arts and Sciences

Slime mold fossil
October 9

Ancient fossils reveal fresh clues about early life on land

A study co-authored by Greg Retalack suggests ancient land-dwellers were a pretty slimy bunch
Research collage
October 7

Conover to deliver annual talk on UO research accomplishments

David Conover will discuss the growth and impact of the university’s research enterprise Oct. 14
Japanese votive slip
October 4

Ghosts and monsters of Japan to scare up interest at pub talk

Professor Glynne Walley will talk about senjafuda votive slips at the Oct. 9 event
SPICE Camp participant at her automata
October 3

SPICE will hold its annual Science Open House on Oct. 9

More than 20 hands-on activities presented by science outreach groups will be offered
Josh Roering, Kelly Graves, Michelle McKinley, Matt Thomas
October 3

Wings has leadership, research and kombucha on tap

President Michael Schill will give an update about the UO during the Oct. 16 event in Portland
October 2

Astronomy Research: An Asteroid Revealed

From star-gazing to asteroid-chasing, the UO astronomical facility offers a constellation of adventures
October 2

Biology Major Recruits Hogs to Help Hazelnuts

Tiny worms threaten Oregon's prolific hazelnut production. And only pigs can stop them. 
Seismologist Lucy Jones
October 2

'Earthquake Lady' Lucy Jones is the next Wayne Morse Chair

A Caltech and USGS seismologist, Jones is a leading voice in natural disaster resiliency
October 2

Helping the Homeless through Anthropology

A student's interviews with homeless women put a human face on a national dilemma
October 2

Medieval Studies and the Viking Feast

A passion for the middle ages manifests as an examination of the all-purpose Viking feast