College of Arts and Sciences

Singers at Languages Out Loud
May 16

Languages Out Loud to offer a world of songs, poetry and speech

The event is a chance to hear an international chorus of voices May 22 in the EMU amphitheater
Composite image of three undergraduate researchers
May 14

Symposium provides a stage for some extraordinary students

UO undergraduate researchers remain down-to-earth while conducting monumental research
Graduate Research Forum
May 13

Graduate students will share research at 10th annual event

The campus community is invited to attend Graduate Research Forum on May 17 in the EMU
Danielle Allen
May 13

Speaker to discuss civic engagement in the digital age

Ethicist and political theorist Danielle Allen will discuss civic involvement in a May 21 lecture
Biologist Willem Griffiths
May 10

A UO biologist is in his own fight against the dying of the light

Willem Griffiths has a rare genetic disease that, absent a breakthrough, will rob him of his sight
Zebrafish skin cells
May 9

New imaging tool is the latest contribution from Murdock trust

The advanced microscope is able to image live cells and will help advance genomics research
Students inspecting beehives
May 8

Honeybees have a sweet new home on the roof of the EMU

Three hives are buzzing with new worker bees as part of a campus effort to protect pollinators
Student wearing new lab coat
May 6

New program to provide upgraded lab coats across campus

General, fluid- and flame-resistant lab coats will be available; preorders go through May 17
Julie Haack and Mike Urbancic
May 6

Two faculty members are named as this year's Williams Fellows

Chemistry instructor Julie Haack and economics instructor Mike Urbancic are honored
Tim Gardner
May 6

Neuroengineer headlines new faculty hires at Knight Campus

Biology and biomedical engineering researcher Tim Gardner is joining the Knight Campus in summer