College of Arts and Sciences

Earthrise from the moon
July 19

50 years later, Apollo 11 remains an inspiration for UO researchers

Three faculty members talk about how the moon landing continues to be a source of inspiration
Sky above Pine Mountain Observatory
July 18

See the starry, starry nights at the UO's high desert observatory

Atop a 6,300-foot butte east of Bend, the telescopes at Pine Mountain offer a sky full of wonder
Astronaut Neil Armstrong
July 16

What were Neil Armstrong's famous first words on the moon?

UO linguistics professor Melissa Michaud Baese-Berk calls it the case of the missing 'a.'
Illustration of what the bear-like creature may have looked like
July 16

UO team says Oregon fossil came from a bear-sized meat-eater

Dental exams sparked by an undergraduate's curiosity help put a new creature into PNW history
Alphabet soup letters
July 15

Summer Soup will offer campus some tasty entertainment

The theater program is bringing several new productions to the stage this season
Undergraduate summer research fellows
July 15

Undergraduate students immersed in summer of research

Awards from three programs allow 22 UO students to dig into labs and libraries
Illustration portrays the microbial makeup of human beings
July 11

UO researchers urge changes in the language of the microbiome

Professors find a free flow of metaphors is causing confusion in the burgeoning field
Professor Amy Lobben (middle), with geography alumna Josie Imrie (left) and geography major Arielle Alferez
July 10

Spatial Data Science: Geography Maps a Course

Ducks trained in spatial data science are landing exciting jobs and serving humanitarian ends
Destruction in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
July 10

Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria Provides Ethnic Studies Lesson

Ethnic studies associate professor Alaí Reyes-Santos finds a teachable moment in wake of a disaster
Stratton and Burgh in Kachemak Bay near Homer, circa 2003. Photo courtesy of Jim Stratton
July 10

After the Exxon Valdez: Couple's Love Forged in Environmental Stewardship

Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup exemplified college sweethearts’ passion for protecting the planet