College of Arts and Sciences

Elinor Sullivan
January 16

New faculty member targets research on maternal nutrition

Elinor Sullivan is the latest member of the Health Promotion and Obesity Prevention Initiative team
Student at computer
January 16

Fellowships offered for graduate research and dissertation work

The deadline for students to apply for the fellowships is Feb. 2
Jennifer Freyd
January 12

Professor describes how institutions betray sex assault victims

Psychology professor Jennifer Freyd writes about institutional betrayal and how it can be countered with courage
Lab scene
January 11

15 UO undergraduates receive awards for research excellence

The grants will help students pursue research on a range of topics
Student in physics lab
January 10

Undergrad women in physics conference will draw a crowd to the UO

Almost 200 students will learn about physics and career options at the January gathering
Plasma ball
January 10

Experimental science meets entertainment at the Physics Slam

Six physicists will compete to deliver the clearest and most entertaining explanation of a physics topic
Platinum drug attached to yeast ribosome RNA
January 8

Two UO chemistry projects shed new light on a cancer drug

Work by two doctoral students could boost the effectiveness of a known treatment
Professor Joshua Piker
January 8

UO Today: The intertwined world of native people and colonists

Joshua Piker talks about his research on the Creek Indians and the British colonists in South Carolina and Georgia
Replica of a Palauan outrigger canoe near a Pacific island
January 5

Talk to explore how winds and currents fueled early seafaring

UO archaeologist Scott Fitzpatrick will take his Ax Billy Grill audience into the Age of Discovery that took people to Pacific and Caribbean islands
Pitcher plant mosquitoes on a pitcher plant
January 4

UO biologists seek to take bite out of mosquitoes

Researchers at five institutions, led by the UO’s Bradshaw and Holzapfel, have isolated genes related to blood feeding in pitcher plant mosquitoes