College of Arts and Sciences

Nikola Tesla
January 3

A new tribute to Tesla tries to capture the spark of imagination

‘Tesla: Light, Sound, Color’ is a multimedia show about the famed inventor
fMRI brain image shows region of the brain where altruism increased after writing about gratitude
January 2

Writing on gratitude changes how the brain values charity

UO psychology researcher Christina Karns finds that journaling leads to a more grateful heart
Cave entrance
December 28

UO archaeologists cast doubt on controversial 'hobbit' theory

Remains found on a Pacific island were just small humans, Scott Fitzpatrick contends
Climbers using a rope
December 22

2017 in review: The year's top arts and humanities stories

The year's top stories reflected the breadth of faculty research and creativity
Geri Richmond
December 20

UO professor to lead the world’s largest science honor society

Presidential Chair Geri Richmond says ‘it’s time to give back’ to Sigma Xi for an award that boosted her career path
Student in chemistry lab
December 18

Former student honors mentor with $1M gift for grad students

Dennis Beetham and his wife Janet create a new fund named for a UO professor
Eric Selker and Cris Niell
December 15

Two university professors awarded for biomedical research

Eric Selker and Cristopher Niell were honored by OHSU’s Medical Research Foundation
UO political science professor Joe Lowndes
December 13

Moore's loss won't stop his firebrand politics, prof writes

Political science professor Joe Lowndes analyzes the election results in The Washington Post
Research boat near glacier
December 13

UO researcher is highlighted in article on glacial meltwater

Oceanographer Dave Sutherland has been studying Alaska's LeConte glacier to learn more about melting
Image depicts the uncertainty of infertility statistics
December 13

Study says infertility statistics fail to capture ‘invisible’ groups

A quest for data by a UO postdoctoral researcher leads to a collaboration that finds that many people affected by infertility have been left out