College of Arts and Sciences

Daniel Lowd
June 14

UO professor publishes article on Facebook's AI use

CIS professor Daniel Lowd has been published at numerous publications for his article on AI
Star Wars costumes
June 13

UO alum, a 'Star Wars' veteran, is a force in digital movie-making

Tom Hutchinson helped bring the iconic movie to life as an ILM computer graphics supervisor
Astoria's Liberty Theater
June 12

Students explore Oregon's past through the lens of its theaters

A cinema studies class takes a historical look at the social role of small-town movie houses
Stone moai statues
June 7

New study may put a cap on the mystery of Easter Island's hats

Former honors college student and physics prof combine archaeology and physics to solve a mystery
John Toner in his office
June 6

UO physicist wins fellowship to pursue his flocking theories

John Toner was awarded the 2018 Martin Gutzwiller Fellowship and recognition for a past paper
Rehearsal scene
June 4

New musical production puts spotlight on those with disabilities

English professor Betsy Wheeler directs the play, which is written mostly by students
Blockchain logo
June 4

Ripple partnership puts UO in elite company of blockchain research

Oregon is among 17 universities receiving funds to push research in cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies
Winter drainage at Fern Ridge west of Eugene exposes mud rocks to weathering
June 1

UO researchers uncover information on the birth of earth

Ilya Bindeman led researchers to discover more pieces to earth’s puzzling geologic history
Natasha Willow
May 31

Four UO students receive prestigious Fulbright awards

Recipients will travel to nations around the world to study, teach or provide expertise
Award presentation
May 25

Trio honored for teaching excellence with annual Tykeson Awards

The awards go to one faculty member in each division of the College of Arts and Sciences