College of Arts and Sciences

Madi Scott's research setup features a set of microscopes of different sizes
October 7

Chem Major Lights the Way for Women with Laser Work

Talented researcher paves a path for future scientists
Two installations of ecopoetry by Adeline Fecker
October 7

Exploring Mysteries, Creating Art as a Poet and Scientist

Student's art installations blend lessons learned from biology, ecopoetry
Niria Garcia abroad in Brazil
October 7

Amidst a Slum's Struggle, Beauty, Strength, and Resilience

Niria Garcia finds inspiration—and a calling—fighting for the Favela
Forest fires burning through Oregon and California in summer of 2020
October 7

Econ Student's Curiosity Helps Answer A Burning Question

Do forest fires hurt public health? An economics student finds an answer, and a future
Sushil Jajodia
October 7

Cybersecurity Mastermind Sees Need for Protections Growing

PhD graduate's research helps big enterprises identify and defeat hacking attempts
Cheyenne Holliday, 2018 psychology grad
October 7

When Water Matters, Psychology Grad Advocates for Underrepresented Groups

Climate change, dwindling resources making water issues more crucial for Oregon communities
2020 grad Kateyln Swarringim and her canine companion, Miley
October 7

A Dog's Disability Leads to Life Lessons in Caring Companionship

For Kateyln Swarringim, adapting to her pet's needs created new understandings
Taking peat samples in Indonesia
October 6

UO team identifies what could be world's oldest tropical peatland

A site on Borneo is 47,800 years old and carries an archive of environmental changes
Raghu Parthasarathy in his lab
October 5

UO biophysicist named a fellow of the American Physical Society

Raghu Parthasarathy is selected for his work on gut bacteria and membrane biophysics
Flooding in Missouri
October 2

As atmospheric carbon rises, so do rivers, adding to flooding

New research confirms a time-tested link between climate change and flooding