College of Arts and Sciences

Barack Obama and Joe Biden
April 16

Sanders exit opened the door for Obama to endorse Biden

Obama gave Biden his blessing to move away from the policies of their shared past
Ammonite fossils
April 16

Researchers find flaws in how scientists build trees of life

UO biologist Stilianos Louca and colleague suggest a different mathematical approach
Medical worker with test tube
April 15

UO joins with partner to provide critical coronavirus testing

The university and McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center join up to boost capacity
The cast of ‘The Good Place’
April 14

Research suggests people become more selfless as they age

In a study, older participants tended to be more willing to give their money to charity
Photos by Dusty Whitaker, University Communications
April 14

Biologist Karen Guillemin: Beneficial Microbe Hunter

Biologist Karen Guillemin explores the microbial world to unlock secrets of human health
Crowd of protestors with signs supporting law enforcement
April 14

Geographer Peter Walker on the Malheur Occupation

The brave resilience of Harney County residents in opposition to the Malheur occupation could be a model of community building 
April 14

Faculty Profile: Nick Kohler, Geography

Geography professor shares how interactions with the outdoors are the best, and only, way to study the natural world
Donations being collected
April 10

UO donates a load of medical supplies to county public health

The supplies will go to help those treating COVID-19 patients in the local area
The Price Science Library's Visulaization Lab
April 7

Data science to debut as the UO’s newest major this fall

The undergraduate program will emphasize connections to disciplines across the UO
Tim Duy
April 7

The UO's Tim Duy talks coronavirus and the economy

He answers questions on hoarding, federal aid and state efforts to limit the spread