College of Arts and Sciences

Tom and Carol Williams
January 5

OQ: Tom and Carol Williams, reshaping undergrad education

The couple's gift has incubated 88 projects and awarded 30 Williams Fellowships
Ben Hansen
December 29

UO prof's work cited in stories on new marijuana research

Economist Ben Hansen is quoted in stories on traffic deaths and pot
Andrea Steiger working in the lab
December 29

A designer molecule offers new hope for damaged cells

Researchers in Michael Pluth's lab unveil a molecule that could someday counter oxidative stress
Young gulf pipefish with still-forming body armor and bones and cartilage stained in red and blue
December 22

UO team unspools the genome of a seahorse relative

Bill Cresko and other researchers created a blueprint other labs can follow
Associate professor Alisa Freedman
December 19

UO advisor receives one of her profession’s high honors

Alisa Freedman received an award of excellence for academic advising
image shows beta cell mass inside a developing zebrafish
December 19

A hunch to the gut: Researchers find possible link to diabetes

A UO graduate student's unexpected discovery could someday lead to new treatments
Roma refugees campaign for equality in Ireland, 2014.
December 16

Professor confronts the persecution faced by Roma people

Folklorist Carol Silverman has studied Roma culture and discrimination for years
Zebrafish in a tank
December 14

OQ: Boyle gift will help unwind the secrets of genetic codes

The $10 million investment is giving UO research a vital boost
Image shows a researcher inside an experimental plot in Minnesota
December 14

UO team helps show peatlands may hold on to carbon

Preliminary results from a research site in Minnesota suggests that carbon and methane deep in peat may withstand warming climate
Morgan Freeman on stage at the Breakthrough/New Horizons award ceremony (Image credit: Getty Images for Breakthrough Prizes).
December 13

Math professor Ben Elias brings New Horizons prize to the UO

The new award is part of an effort to spotlight exciting research