College of Arts and Sciences

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March 8

Fembot Initiative to again join Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

The edit-a-thon contributes material to Wikipedia on movements and ideas historically marginalized because of gender, race or sexuality.
Shawn Lockery
March 8

Nematode brains offer window into human sleep problems

UO project suggests that neuron firing in foraging roundworms is similar to fragmentation in humans who struggle to sleep, a first step in the search for new...
Spotted gar (Photo by Solomon David)
March 7

Genes in spotted gar could boost biomedical use of zebrafish

UO-led genome sequencing project determines that the ancient fish is a sound bridge for advancing research on human diseases.
A SupraSensor device in the field
March 4

Former UO grad student a Golden Mole finalist

Calden Carroll discovered a molecule that lights up in the presence of of nitrates by accident while doing graduate work in chemistry at the UO.
Postdoctoral researcher Erica Hartmann
March 3

UO researcher cooks up chemistry for kids

Hartman wrote "The Adventures of Meg A. Mole, Future Chemist," a child-friendly publication issued by the American Chemical Society.
Jim Rippey
March 1

James Rippey, UO friend and advocate, passes away at age 84

Rippey and his wife have given generously to the College of Business, Knight Library, the College of Arts and Sciences, and Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.
Ehud Havazelet
March 1

March 12 memorial planned for Ehud Havazelet

Havazelet taught creative writing at the UO since 1999 and is remembered as 'firey, brillian, unstinting (and) mercurial' by faculty colleagues.
February 29

Update shared on College of Arts and Sciences realignment

Interim Dean W. Andrew Marcus outlines the steps being taken to bring the budget for the College of Arts and Sciences into alignment with resources and goals.
Cast members from the spring production of 'Scorched' by University Theatre.
February 24

‘Scorched’ to be updated and debuted at Hope Theatre

The March 3 premier will be followed by a half-dozen performances during the first half of March at Hope Theatre in the Miller Theatre Complex.
Kelly Sutherland of the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology and Clark Honors College
February 23

Two professors awarded Sloan Research Fellowships

Biologist Kelly Sutherland and mathematician Benjamin Elias will use the Sloan awards to help their research, travel and grad students.