College of Arts and Sciences

Andrew Lovering
June 30

Minor heart condition may come into play at high altitude, says UO team

A small opening in the heart that doesn't close in infancy is linked by a study in Bolivia to potentially serious health complications.
Pranjal Mehta
June 29

UO-led study finds that two hormones influence a negotiator's success

Rise or fall of the stress hormone cortisol may be an important factor in coming out ahead financially, finds a team led by psychology's Pranjal Mehta.
Portrait of Geri Richmond
June 26

Science article features Geri Richmond's efforts to remove career barriers

Journal article looks at AAAS and other STEM-based programs that aim for diversity and opportunities for women and minorities.
Raghu Parthasarathy
June 25

UO physicist Parthasarathy part of potentially high-impact project

Zebrafish will be used in an effort combining physics and biology that initially seeks to neutralize a cholera-causing bacterium.
UO student installs a sensor for Advanced LIGO
June 22

UO to be 'eyes and ears' as hunt resumes for gravitational waves

Team of UO physicists helped install advanced sensors for the Advanced LIGO Project that was formally dedicated in Washington.
First Peoples on PBS (Image courtesy of Joe Alblas/Wall to Wall Media)
June 19

UO archaeologist Jon Erlandson featured in new PBS series

'First Peoples' traces the history of modern humans after they expanded out of Africa into Europe, Asia and the Americas
UO political science professor Joe Lowndes
June 18

Professor Joe Lowndes weighs in on Dolezal debate on MSNBC program

The UO prof was invited to discuss the controversy on the MSNBC program 'Nerding Out' with Dorian Warren.
UO sociology professor Ryan Light
June 17

UO study finds no disadvantages for kids raised by same-sex parents

Sociology professor Ryan Light and a colleague in Denver reviewed 19,000 previous studies as part of their research.
Russ Donnelly, UO physicist
June 16

Physicist Russ Donnelly, a pioneer in the science of cold, dies at 85

In addition to his research on ultracold temperatures, Donnelly was chief science advisor for a PBS documentary on cold.
UO science lab
June 12

CAS deans: UO science programs see success, face challenges

The College of Arts and Sciences will need to address growing enrollment, retiring faculty and dispersed facilities as it looks to the future.