College of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry professor Michael Haley
September 16

Chemistry prof wins prestigious award from national society

Michael Haley is honored by the American Chemical Society for work in hydrocarbons
Lightning striking near homes
September 16

Thunderstorms may be a portent for illness among older adults

UO economist finds a correlation between the approach of lightning and ER visits
Young man curled up under window
September 15

UO study finds dangers in high school gender harassment

Doctoral student Monika Lind’s research, shown in a 3-minute thesis, wins recognition
Holiday Farm Fire
September 11

UO experts: Wildfires across Oregon herald one possible future

UO researchers say wildfire risk is increasing but could be mitigated by better planning
Illustration of zebrafish and coronavirus
September 9

Researchers study link between COVID-19, existing conditions

UO researchers are trying to understand a pair of proteins linked to the coronavirus
Black Panther rally
September 7

University launches a new minor in Black studies this fall

The program invites all students to explore the roots and alternatives to anti-Black racism
Sorting ballots
September 3

Lessons from the state with the longest history of mail-in voting

Oregon’s experience, starting in 1987, shows that mail-in voting can be safe and secure
Doctor looking at spinal x-ray
August 31

Altered enzyme offers hope for spinal injury and stroke

Project co-led by a Knight Campus scientist delivers stability to a natural protein
Tennis player celebrating
August 28

Researcher’s interactive website asks: What is the sound of sport?

Courtney Cox's work is a culmination of five years of research into what sports sound like
Funeral for a Mexican woman and her daughter
August 24

Latin American women are disappearing, dying in lockdown

Latin America has long been among the world’s deadliest places to be a woman