College of Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Rush
February 21

Prof to discuss climate change and small communities

Writer Elizabeth Rush from Brown University uses language to connect to nature
Feet emerging from hot tub
February 20

Study will ask if hot tubbing can lower blood pressure

Researchers want to know if nice, hot soaks can work as well, or better, than exercise
Research team at site of initial discovery in Baja California
February 19

UO team helping to decipher a Baja California mystery

First outing led by Becky Dorsey explores clues to the peninsula’s genetic diversity
Collage of book covers
February 17

Science book club adds meeting to dig deeper into storytelling

The Lab Lit Book Club offers a chance for readers to consider science through fiction
Working at an electron microscope
February 13

State universities agree to more sharing of research facilities

New agreements will ease access to high-tech instruments and services on each campus
Lava pouring into ocean
February 12

New profs, expansion heat up the UO's volcanology research

The Center for Volcanology has helped make the UO a top-tier research destination
Ahu Nau Nau site at Anakena beach on Easter Island
February 11

Research upends the timing of Easter Island's societal collapse

A UO-led project helps refine radiocarbon dating from island’s historic sites
Tina Campt
February 10

Brown University professor to discuss ‘The New Black Gaze’

Tina Campt explores new ways of viewing historically dismissed photos of black subjects
Esports workshop logo
February 5

Workshop will open a window into the world of esports

'The Business of esports' will explore careers in the growing video gaming industry
Bombed-out building in Zagreb
February 5

To study peace, students visit nations that have known war

For the peace studies program, students visited countries formerly part of Yugoslavia