College of Arts and Sciences

New discoveries could change our ideas about the ancient saber-toothed salmon
August 26

Edward Davis to give talk on new ideas about the saber-tooth salmon

Evidence from two almost-intact skulls may revolutionize our understanding of the saber-toothed salmon, an ancient Pacific Northwest species. 
UO psychology professor Sanjay Srivastava
August 25

Sanjay Srivastava talks emotions and likability in New York Magazine

The story discusses work by Srivastava and graduate student Allison Tackman that looks at the social costs of supressing one's emotions.
Jennifer Freyd
August 21

New survey on sexual climate suggests more awareness of services is needed

Preliminary findings of 2015 survey of UO students are delivered to international summit as the UO continues steps to address the issues.
The view looking out from Fort Rock Cave
August 21

Archaeologists to return to Oregon's Fort Rock Cave

Using advancements in technology, researchers hope to learn more about the cave's history and solidify early conclusions of Luther Cressman.
Robot submarine Sentry fitted with SyPRID samplers
August 14

Into the deep with OIMB

UO scientists Craig Young and Kirsten Meyer appear on The Jefferson Exchange to talk about dives off the U.S. East Coast and New Zealand.
UO psychology professor Azim Shariff
August 11

UO professor discusses goodness and god in NPR story

Psychology professor Azim Shariff's work is cited in a story about whether voters would elect an atheist as president.
UO emeritus professor of biology George Carroll
August 10

Emeritus professor George Carroll receives distinguished scientist award

An internationally recognized expert on mushrooms and fungi, Carroll recently received the Distinguished Mycologist Award from a national society.
Crowd at Straub Hall
August 7

'Focus on what we can do' is message of earthquake forum

Audience at Straub Hall and online gets history lesson on the Cascadia quake zone and practical advise on how to prepare for 'The Really Big One."
Twila Moon
August 4

UO postdoctoral fellow is focus of series of her hometown paper

Explore Big Sky is profiling hometown resident Twila Moon's environmental research in Greenland and Antarctica.
UO chemistry professor David Tyler
August 3

Chemistry professor David Tyler featured in The Atlantic magazine

Tyler, who studies the life cycles of consumer goods, addresses a mother's concerns about the plastics used to make toy dolls.