College of Arts and Sciences

Image taken from Newberry’s Paulina Peak shows Paulina and East lakes
January 24

Rise of plate tectonics led UO into volcanology research

Growth helped the Center for Volcanology Research erupt into international prominence
An espresso machine
January 22

The perfect cup of coffee, with a little help from science

UO chemist Chris Hendon and colleagues offer a better, more sustainable, way to brew
Christopher Hendon prepares espresso shot
January 22

UO chemist helps find path to consistently good espresso

A different brewing technique could cut costs and make the industry more sustainable
January 21

Dave Depper and Death Cab for Cutie

How Death Cab for Cutie’s Dave Depper ran to rock stardom
men on log
January 21

Timber workers and environmentalists: Steven Beda Examines Historic Conflict

Steven Beda's study of timber conflict reveals loggers and environmentalists shared common ground
January 21

Weird Sports with Sol Neelman

Photographer and SOJC alumnus Sol Neelman shoots athletics both beautiful and bizarre
January 21

Students Study Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo

UO students travel to former Yugoslavia to study a war-scarred region and reconciliation
January 21

Google's Stephen Gillett is Gamer, On and Off the Field

World of Warcraft wizard and former Duck footballer Stephen Gillett cites lessons learned in leadership and the tech industry
January 21

Ellie Bartlett Hoodoo Ski Day Supports Oregon Adaptive Sports

An upcoming ski day celebrates and remembers a champion for people with disabilities
Edgar McClure trio
January 21

Death on Mount Rainier: Edgar McClure Was A Climber and Chemist

Edgar McClure was a leader on campus in Eugene and on research expeditions