College of Arts and Sciences

UO physicist Russ Donnelly
July 20

UO physicist Russ Donnelly remembered at campus gathering

A UO faculty member since 1966, Donnelly was a prominent physicist whose research explored the coldest temperatures possible.
Robot submarine Sentry fitted with SyPRID samplers
July 16

Vehicle's first ocean dive delivers a win for UO marine science team

'PlankZooka' may revolutionize deep-sea collection of plankton, say scientists from the UO, Duke University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
UO doctoral student Julius McGee
July 16

UO research on emissions and organic farming makes international news

Research published by Julius McGee, a UO graduate student in sociology, is making a splash here and overseas.
CAS interim Dean W. Andrew Marcus, Don Tykeson, Vice President for Student Life Robin Holmes (seated, from left) and Willie Tykeson
July 15

Lawmakers approve College and Careers project, major renovations

The Legislature approves $37 million for the new building plus renovations in Klamath and Chapman halls. 
July 13

UO is host to West Coast summer institute on science teaching

Participants are getting five days of professional develop to help teach and inspire undergraduate-level science students.
UO doctoral student Julius McGee
July 12

Study suggests organic farming needs direction to be sustainable

Weak adherence to recommended practices may be behind the levels of greenhouse gases coming from large-scale organic farming operations.
Joshua Roering
July 2

UO team opens window on landscape formation

Doctoral student finds way to fast-forward geological time to see how places like Oregon's Painted Hills and the Colorado Plateau evolved.
Fulbright logo
July 1

Three Ducks earn Fulbright grants to teach and research abroad

The UO recipients will travel to Iceland and Germany next year as part of the international grant program.
Andrew Lovering
June 30

Minor heart condition may come into play at high altitude, says UO team

A small opening in the heart that doesn't close in infancy is linked by a study in Bolivia to potentially serious health complications.
Pranjal Mehta
June 29

UO-led study finds that two hormones influence a negotiator's success

Rise or fall of the stress hormone cortisol may be an important factor in coming out ahead financially, finds a team led by psychology's Pranjal Mehta.