College of Education

April 25
The special education program is No. 3 and the overall graduate program is No. 14
April 17
The COE professor is currently interim dean and led the Prevention Science Institute
April 13
Awards went to faculty members representing fields across the academic spectrum
March 6
Up to four finalists will give a public talk and have an in-person reception this month
February 16
The program awards up to $50,000 to promising University of Oregon research teams
January 30
A $3 million federal grant will be used for an online training program for K-12 teachers
January 20
Val Hoyle visited the College of Education and discussed workforce preparation ideas
January 18
The group's first project will be for The Ballmer Institute for Children's Behavioral Health
November 29
A UO researcher will test small-group learning to reduce anxiety and boost peer relations
November 7
Campus meetings to speak with the candidates will be held in November