College of Education

Educators can now access key findings that help kids get back into the classroom
Researchers want to spread a successful pilot program for sixth graders nationwide
The state-of-the-art instrument is part of the UO's Lewis Center for Neuroimaging
UO researchers will develop and evaluate a web-based science curriculum for elementary school students to supplement their in-class science learning as part of a project financed by a $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education.
UO webinar offers ideas to offset disruptions of routine life and education services
UOTeach had to rethink how to work with teachers and students in crisis
Originally developed at the UO, the program helps first and second graders learn to read
A program within the College of Education is providing counseling services remotely
When it comes to starting a homeschooling program or overseeing a remote education program like the ones being launched by school districts in Lane County, parents should avoid simply trying to recreate a traditional school environment at home, education experts say.
Many online applications developed in the College of Education are readily available