College of Education

May 19
A deaf actress and activist, Matlin has championed many humanitarian causes
April 17
Martinez is a leading researcher in prevention science and helping disadvantaged groups
April 14
The College of Education class smooths the path to young adulthood, emphasizing health and responsibility
February 16
Researcher Atika Khurana says teens with weak working memory, poor impulse control and progressive drug use at risk for later addiction
February 3
The 2017 Relationship Check-In will be held just in time for Valentine’s Day
January 17
The $2 million gift will help the clinic reach its full potential
November 16
Its aim is to help children with learning disabilities
October 21
The new addition to the health cluster is ready to help kids and communities live healthy lives
October 14
As part the new Health Promotion and Obesity Prevention Initiative, she hopes to tap brain processes to adjust how people view what they eat
October 13
Amy Stuart Wells of Columbia University studies race and education