College of Education

May 26
National leading researchers are being recruited to help boost the UO's leadership in areas seen as critical to emerging scientific challenges.
May 21
University of Oregon researchers continue to document how a meatpacking plant met the desire to fill low-wage, exploitive jobs.
May 13
She tells the ASHA Leader that she became hooked on studying and treating serious brain traumas in her first job out of graduate school.
May 11
Researchers Skowron and Fisher to make 'Parent-Child Interaction Therapy' available in Lane County in an effort to help struggling local families.
May 5
New faculty positions and support for the library, science literacy and SAIL are among the funded initiatives. 
May 1
The visit was a chance to connect with the state congressional delegation and advocate for student aid and research funding.
April 15
The awards highlight UO faculty members whose reseach stands out as examples of the university's exploration and innovation.
April 7
Kent McIntosh receives Distinguished Early Career Award for the quality of his research on special education.
March 24
The award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse will establish a new, online resource to help reduce substance abuse in middle-school youth.
June 25
The phenomenal faculty, staff and student award winners from the College of Education