Graduate Studies

Aerial view of an Amazon River tributary
January 5

Mystery of Amazon region’s rare fertile soils is unlocked

UO-led team uses soil evidence to explain the origin of Amazonian dark earth
Layers of deposited sands indicating ancient tidal action
December 21

UO research team solves an ancient Colorado River mystery

Separate papers led by UO grad students document a previous vast marine tidal basin
Romanesco broccoli exhibits natural fractal pattern
December 11

Study finds that by age 3 kids prefer nature's fractal patterns

A preference for natural patterns may develop early rather than by long-term exposure
Sea otters
December 4

Teeth from extinct Oregon sea otters reveal a northern kinship

UO doctoral student traces the genetics of the state’s extinct sea otters
Elena Rubio Lopez plants a squid pop in the South Slough estuary
November 12

Scientists find climate may be changing ocean food webs

UO doctoral student was part of an international project that studied predation
Forested area along the Tocantins River in Brazil
November 5

UO-led project maps human, climate impacts in the Amazon

Study illustrates human impacts and climate effects in forest-savanna transition zones
Chromosomes with DNA damage
October 23

UO researchers show why heat stress damages sperm

Project using a roundworm model finds a mechanism that can lead to male infertility
Drowsy man working at laptop
October 22

UO study takes on the idea that real men need less sleep

Researchers find the idea that masculinity means more work, less sleep is harmful
A basket star
October 14

UO student’s curiosity catches basket stars breathing

Offshore trip in a zoology course ignited MacKenna Hainey’s questions and research
Sand in a pile
September 23

Glass molecules can act like sand when jammed, study finds

The findings open a new way to study properties of glass with computational techniques