Graduate Studies

July 13
They trekked into the Oregon Cascades to test a portable tool to measure glacial melt
July 11
In pursuit of teaching, a doctoral student in comparative literature finds an academic home
May 31
The open-source device is an affordable alternative to a pricey piece of medical tech
May 24
Graduate researchers across campus earned the prized grants to advance their work
May 20
Graham Kribs teaches students the science behind the gear and technique for climbers
May 6
Mountains on the island rose much faster than previously thought, UO research shows
May 2
Alex Mentzel, a 2020 graduate, is pursing advanced studies in Great Britain
April 27
New techniques can give up-close views without damaging samples, UO research shows
April 13
Fish with a mutation in the gene aren’t as interested in other fish, new research shows
April 11
The fellowship program supports humanities research and development of new courses