Graduate Studies

January 5
UO-led team uses soil evidence to explain the origin of Amazonian dark earth
December 21
Separate papers led by UO grad students document a previous vast marine tidal basin
December 11
A preference for natural patterns may develop early rather than by long-term exposure
December 4
UO doctoral student traces the genetics of the state’s extinct sea otters
November 12
UO doctoral student was part of an international project that studied predation
November 5
Study illustrates human impacts and climate effects in forest-savanna transition zones
October 23
Project using a roundworm model finds a mechanism that can lead to male infertility
October 22
Researchers find the idea that masculinity means more work, less sleep is harmful
October 14
Offshore trip in a zoology course ignited MacKenna Hainey’s questions and research
September 23
The findings open a new way to study properties of glass with computational techniques