Graduate Studies

September 21
Networks connect faculty, staff and students to each other to meet caregiving needs
September 15
Doctoral student Monika Lind’s research, shown in a 3-minute thesis, wins recognition
August 5
Brad Nolen and his lab will study proteins that guide cell shape and function
July 14
The reversal came just days after the UO and 19 other schools sued to block the rule
July 13
The suit challenges a change barring entry of those who take only online courses in fall
July 13
Designed for working professionals, the new degree offering is exclusively virtual
May 26
A sacred monkey in Ghana helps a UO grad student understand the gut microbiome
May 19
UO marine biologists see how copepods use bursts of speed to escape predators
May 14
A natural environmental disaster could put society’s reliance on the internet at risk
May 6
They have taken steps to provide virtual mentorship to first-year grad students