In The News

Damaged building from March 2001 earthquake in Seattle
August 7

Student and professor write essay on Cascadia megaquake research

In an essay for The Conversation, Miles Bodmer and Doug Toomey unveil new data that helps understand the subduction zone’s historical record
Shuar boy in Ecuador
July 27

Story spotlights new immune test from UO scientist, others

Josh Snodgrass helped developed a test to identify antibody deficiencies in indigenous children
Illustration of a flooded urban area
July 25

Research on rising seas and the internet gets media attention

A team of researchers found that rising sea levels could ruin the internet in the next 15 years
Performance at Hult Center
July 24

Reviewer calls 2018 Oregon Bach Festival a huge success

This year’s OBF blended new and old music to create a never-before-seen musical delight
Tablet computer open to news site
July 24

Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

Media outlets talked to UO experts on the Malheur standoff, locavores and other topics
Happy children
July 20

LA Times quotes UO sociologist on children of same-sex parents

Ryan Light says new research shows no difference from being raised by LGBTQ parents
Farmer's market
July 16

Locavores are changing the way Americans eat, research finds

An article by a UO professor and doctoral student examines a major shift in how people eat
The Croatian soccer team
July 13

Jerseys can be stars on the World Cup stage, professor writes

Sports product design professor Susan Sokolowski says the jerseys let fans connect with teams
Craig Phillips
July 11

Voice prof strikes a chord with discovery of rare, old music

Craig Phillips is bringing back the music of The Revelers after finding the original arrangements
A stack of newspapers
July 6

Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

UO experts were sought out for stories on a Supreme Court retirement, World Cup jerseys and more