In The News

Scout uniform
October 25

Professor says gender-integrated Scouting is a step forward

Sociologist C.J. Pascoe said presumed benefits from same-sex groupings have been debunked
UO President Michael Schill
October 23

President Schill makes defense of free speech in NYT op-ed

The essay speaks out against the practice of silencing unpopular viewpoints
Newspapers on a table
October 23

Media Week: UO scholars featured in recent news stories

An op-ed by President Schill was published in the New York Times
Velella velella on beach
October 20

Researcher helps explain an invasion of weird sea creatures

Kelly Sutherland says by-the-wind sailors wash up regularly on Pacific beaches
Twitter icon
October 20

Twitter still struggling to enforce civility, UO instructor says

Journalism instructor Kelli Matthews is interviewed by the Los Angeles Times
Burned homes
October 18

UO prof discusses policy to prevent wildfire disaster with NPR

Cassandra Moseley spoke with NPR about making homes more resilient to fire
Newspapers stacked on a laptop
October 5

Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

UO faculty members were interviewed or wrote about a range of topics in national media
President Donald Trump
September 25

Why Trump's comments appear to be losing their punch

Donald Trump’s statements and tweets may not have become less controversial or outrageous, but they are being treated as if they were.
Facial recognition map
September 21

Facial recognition on iPhone could hurt privacy, UO prof says

Law professor Carrie Leonetti discussed constitutional issues with PBS Newshour
Newspapers stacked on a laptop
September 18

Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

Faculty members were called on to discuss important issues and research