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Blackboard with words 'solution' and 'problem'
March 7

'Solutions journalism' goes beyond basic news, profs write

The approach looks at problems as well as possible fixes
Law professor Liz Tippett
February 28

Law professor says sex harassment is common at tech firms

Liz Tippett looks at the recent furor at Uber in The Conversation
A stack of newspapers
February 27

Media week: UO scholars in the news in the past week

Stories looked at mice and meditation, Uber and sexism and new exoplanets
The presidential seal on a podium
February 27

Trump's media battles could make journalism stronger, profs say

Nicole Dahmen and Seth Lewis say reporters may have to find new sources
Mark Thoma
February 27

Mark Thoma discusses concern over spin on economic data

The UO economist says politicizing data would damage research
Geri Richmond
February 24

UO's Richmond says science depends of the free flow of ideas

The UO Presidential Chair discussed possible changes in federal research policy
Atika Khurana
February 24

Psych professor's work on youth drug use gets spotlight

Atika Khurana's recent study on susceptibility to addiction is featured on Psych Central
LERC sign image
February 22

LERC's Gordon Lafer discusses right-to-work in NPR interview

The laws are generally used to hurt, not help, unions, Lafer says
image of mice in a nest
February 22

Study of meditating mice at the UO draws media play

UO biology, psychology and neuroscience researchers publish study on benefits of mindfulness in mice
Newspapers stacked on a laptop
February 20

Media week: UO scholars in the news in the past week

UO experts were sought in stories on music, gut bacteria and science funding under Trump