In The News

Facial recognition map
September 21

Facial recognition on iPhone could hurt privacy, UO prof says

Law professor Carrie Leonetti discussed constitutional issues with PBS Newshour
Newspapers stacked on a laptop
September 18

Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

Faculty members were called on to discuss important issues and research
Neighborhood meeting in Cairo
September 15

Professor's Egypt park project featured in Portland Monthly

Brook Muller is advancing plans for a neighborhood green space in Cairo
Children eating lunch
September 12

Work by several COE researchers garners national attention

Articles have featured UO experts on school lunch shaming, learning math and obesity
Kids modeling uniforms
September 8

Praise rolls in for Duck uniforms that help child cancer patients

ESPN is the latest media outlet to carry a feature story on the project
A stack of newspapers
September 5

Media week: UO scholars in the news during the month of August

News outlets sought out UO experts on a variety of topics over the past several weeks
School lunch items
August 29

Newsweek features scholar's essay on school lunch shaming

UO educator Sarah Riggs Stapleton argues that it is time to provide free meals for all children in public schools
Ducks stomp-cancer uniform for season opener
August 25

Sports media outlets point eyes to Ducks ‘cancer’ uniform

Uniform design work led by three young cancer patients in Portland has drawn coverage by ESPN, Yahoo and CBS
Worms under a microscope
August 24

UO’s Phillips featured in Nature commentary and podcast

Phillips and two colleagues describe how they merged protocols to move forward their work to study anti-aging compounds in roundworms
Team-bulding exercise during a UO orientation
August 23

UO’s new-student orientation draws media spotlight

Chronicle of Higher Education draws on the UO’s approach to show how many schools are stretching out their orientations to broaden students’ first-year...