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Newspapers stacked on a laptop
August 7

Media week: UO scholars in the news during the month of July

Faculty experts weigh in on topics ranging from sea salps to skateboarding
Tim Duy
August 4

Data suggests assumptions on unemployment may be wrong

According to UO economics professor Tim Duy, the results of July’s jobs report will be closely looked at by the Federal Reserve as it sets its monetary polic
UO law professor Mary Wood
July 27

Time is running out for climate interventions, UO law prof says

Mary Wood believes fossil fuel industry donations have kept politicians from acting
Paul Slovic at his desk
July 24

Slovic describes 'psychic numbing' in an interview with Vox

The UO psychology professor hopes his research will help change public behavior
Law books
July 21

Law prof's alimony app helps attorneys reach fair settlements

Julie Armbrust was recently feature in The Register-Guard speaking about her app
Amazon meal kits
July 21

With meal kits, preventing waste overcomes packaging worry

Chemist David Tyler says preventing food waste is more important than reducing packaging
Whitney Wagoner
July 17

Football needs to draw more young fans to counter decline

The UO's Whitney Wagoner says the lure of television is making it harder to fill stadiums
Newspapers stacked on a laptop
July 11

Media week: UO scholars in the news during the past two weeks

Reporters sought out UO experts on topics ranging from politics to China
Nicole Dahmen
July 7

Research suggests media should adjust coverage of shootings

More emphasis on help and support could lessen the risk of copycat events
The UO's fMRI device
July 6

Study of good parenting and poverty garners headlines

The UO's Nick Allen was part of the team that found positive changes in young brains