In The News

Whitney Wagoner
July 17

Football needs to draw more young fans to counter decline

The UO's Whitney Wagoner says the lure of television is making it harder to fill stadiums
Newspapers stacked on a laptop
July 11

Media week: UO scholars in the news during the past two weeks

Reporters sought out UO experts on topics ranging from politics to China
Nicole Dahmen
July 7

Research suggests media should adjust coverage of shootings

More emphasis on help and support could lessen the risk of copycat events
The UO's fMRI device
July 6

Study of good parenting and poverty garners headlines

The UO's Nick Allen was part of the team that found positive changes in young brains
Image shows varying sizes of pyrosomes found in the water off the Oregon Coast
June 30

'Sea pickles' story tickles the nation's media outlets

A story about a research team that includes a UO graduate student went viral
Law professor Liz Tippett
June 27

Law professor to testify on effects of law firm drug ads

Liz Tippett said little is known about any effects the ads have on people's health
UO business professor Troy Campbell
June 23

Coverage of new health act wanes as debate drags, prof says

Marketing professor Troy Campbel says psychology plays a role in the decline
C.J. Pascoe
June 21

Uber's corporate problems illustrate gender inequality issues

Sociologist C.J. Pascoe discusses the difficulty of changing male-dominated corporate culture
Ed Madison with students
June 19

Program to help students spot fake news stories is highlighted

Journalsim professor Ed Madison writes about the joint effort in The Conversation
Newspapers stacked on a laptop
June 13

Media week: UO scholars in the news during the past two weeks

UO experts were sought out for stories on the Knight Campus, mindfulness and more