In The News

The White House, North Lawn
January 27

Trump investigations are just the tip of the iceberg, prof writes

Ofer Raban, who teaches consitutional law at the UO, delves into the financial crimes of the wealthy
Science newspaper
January 8

Journalists benefit from learning more about science, prof writes

The SOJC's Hollie Smith says scientists and journalists both benefit from better communication
Anak Krakatau
January 4

UO volcanologist explains why Anak Krakatau is still dangerous

In an article for The Conversation, Thomas Giachetti discusses what led to a deadly tsunami
U.S. Capitol
January 3

Professor writes on the wave of women entering Congress

Law professor Liz Tippett says the new House members could bolster the #MeToo movement
January 2

UO psychologist offers tips on keeping New Year's resolutions

Elliot Berkman is interviewed by NBC News for a story on developing good habits
A vegan meal
December 28

Article by UO marketing prof looks at why people go vegan

Joshua Beck says health and the environment are just as important as moral objections
Transgender rally
December 12

Denying transgender identity affects mental health, article says

Media studies doctoral candidate Bethany Grace Howe discusses her research in The Conversation
Mosquitoes in lab
December 11

Article: Opening mosquito labs to public may help calm fears

Brook Muller writes in The Conversation about efforts to make research on the insects more open
Movie poster
December 10

Researchers find movies with diverse casts are more profitable

The UO's Peter Younkin, a management professor, and a colleague analyzed data from the Sony hack
Yemeni children
December 7

Professor writes on 'psychic numbing' in Yemen conflict

Psychology professor Paul Slovic and a colleague write in Politico about the ongoing war