In The News

Tom Wheeler
February 13

Writers, students and faculty mourn passing of Tom Wheeler

The UO journalism professor passed away while on a trip to the Bay Area in California
An illustration of a cataclysmic event that may have led to the dinosaurs' extinction.
February 9

The Week That Was in Social Media, Feb. 3-9

The Super Bowl, spring fever and dinosaurs were among the topics on our social channels this week
Group of teenagers
February 9

Article looks at developmental reasons behind teen risk-taking

UO researchers write about how teens explore their environments in order to learn and grow
Nicole Dahmen
February 8

Journalism prof on public apathy towards mass shootings

Nicole Dahmen talked to the Huffington Post about how the media should cover mass shootings
Tablet computer open to news site
February 5

Media week: UO Scholars in the news in recent weeks

Reporters sought out UO experts for topics ranging from child abuse to mosquito research
UO President Michael Schill
February 2

Schill: Protecting 'Dreamers' is the right thing to do

Schill and Peter Courtney, the president of the Oregon Senate, support Dreamers and SB 1563
Paul Slovic
February 2

Psychology prof on how Trump uses statistics to mislead

Paul Slovic co-wrote an article for Politico on the psychological trick behind Trump’s recent use of statistics
Ursula K. Le Guin
February 2

Professor writes about Ursula Le Guin's influences

Anthropology professor Philip Scher wrote about Le Guin's relationship with her father for The Conversation
Two portraits, side by side, of author Ursula K. Le Guin
January 26

The week that was in social media, Jan. 20-26

Ursula Le Guin’s passing and Steve Prefontaine’s birthday were among this week’s topics
Nick Allen in his Department of Psychology office
January 26

Researchers say babies can experience postpartum depression

Nick Allenand Benjamin Nelson wrote about research on stress in mother-child relationships