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Amazon worker protest
May 5

'Essential' work: Does it just refer to the work, not the people?

A lingustics scholar sees a disconnect between essential work and and the people who do it
Man interviewing online wearing pajama bottoms
May 4

Pants or no pants? Tips for virtual job interviews from home

Law professor Liz Tippett says its okay to keep home life out of video interviews
Mother on sofa with kids playing
April 21

8 tips to reduce parenting stress during the pandemic

Some research-based strategies can make this unprecedented time more enjoyable
Interior of a home
April 20

Researchers are working to make indoor microbiomes healthier

A team from the College of Design says architecture needs to evolve
Making a mask
April 17

Making masks at home: What you need to know to fight corona

Homemade masks won't filter the virus, buy they may reduce its spread
Barack Obama and Joe Biden
April 16

Sanders exit opened the door for Obama to endorse Biden

Obama gave Biden his blessing to move away from the policies of their shared past
The cast of ‘The Good Place’
April 14

Research suggests people become more selfless as they age

In a study, older participants tended to be more willing to give their money to charity
Laptop open to news website
April 13

UO researchers share expertise on COVID-19, April 6-10

Faculty members have been quoted on the health, economic and risk factors from the outbreak
Parents at home with children
March 20

New federal sick leave law: Who's eligible, who's not

The new law is full of exceptions and does not provide blanket coverage for all workers
Woman in face mask giving thumbs-up
March 20

Coronavirus quarantines and your rights: 4 questions answered

A state of emergency allows a state to activate its emergency or disaster plan