In The News

C. J. Pascoe
October 27

Masculinity colors responses to Trump, UO researcher says

Sociologist C. J. Pascoe is quoted in Newsweek saying criticism of Trump is tied to masculinity
Bruce Blonigen
October 27

UO research spotlighted in debate on AT&T-Time Warner merger

New work by UO economics professor Bruce Blonigen is drawing attention in light of a proposed mega merger between telecommunications giants AT&T and Time
UO President Michael Schill
October 24

UO president writes about Knight gift in Oregonian op-ed

President Michael Schill talks about the importance of the gift to the state and nation
UO doctoral student Dustin Carroll
October 11

UO study on Greenland's glaciers covered in Washington Post

Doctoral student Dustin Carroll finds that melting water from atop Greenland is taking an unexpected route into the ocean
Héctor Tobar
October 10

White students' lives looking more like immigrants, prof writes

Journalism professor Héctor Tobar see a convergence in stories about white America and immigrants
UO history professor Vera Keller
October 6

UO professor writes about the gifts of knowledge

Prizes like the Nobels have a long history, says Honors College professor Vera Keller
UO alumnus Seth McBride in his wheelchair
September 23

Student designs for Paralympians featured in magazine

Students in the UO's product design program created gear for rugby althetes
Daniel Tichenor
September 19

UO professor discusses immigration on new radio program

Political scientist Dan Tichenor kicked off the new Jefferson Public Radio show
A painting done by a student athlete in the Art of the Athlete class.
September 16

JSMA's Art of the Athlete class featured on CBS Sports

The class provides an important expressive outlet for student athletes
Nicole Dahmen
September 16

Facebook news feeds may be changing history, prof writes

Journalism professor Nicole Dahmen says the website's news feed may mask important issues