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Man and woman at water cooler
January 29

Worried about accidentally harassing a woman? Don’t be

Overdoing it by avoiding women can do real harm to their careers, a law professor writes
Student gathering on courthouse steps
January 23

Dismissal of landmark climate lawsuit might not close the book

Law professor Mary Wood writes that the case could go to the U.S. Supreme Court
An espresso machine
January 22

The perfect cup of coffee, with a little help from science

UO chemist Chris Hendon and colleagues offer a better, more sustainable, way to brew
Woman at food bank
January 9

Should government assistance cover pet food or potato chips?

According to a UO professor and his co-author, it often depends on whom you ask
Dog being petted
January 6

Writing better pet adoption ads could prevent euthanasia

A journalism professor finds that using storytelling language leads to more adoptions
Ocean waves
January 6

Research uncovers a new way to identify a rare earthquake

The work is helping develop faster public warnings that could save lives
Truvada bottle and pills
January 3

Lawyers are trying to scare you with Facebook advertisements

Advocacy groups are raising alarms about law firms seeking clients to sue drug companies
Single-family houses on former farmland
January 2

America's love affair with the single-family house is cooling

But it won't be a quick breakup, two UO researchers write in The Conversation
Spongebob plush toy
December 23

Three internet language trends from 2019, explained

Two UO linguists help you catch up with the lingo changes wrought by social media
Child sick in bed
December 17

Feeling sick is an emotion meant to help you get better faster

'Lassitude' is an important part of how human beings work to recover from illness