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Patrick Phillips
March 13

Provost Patrick Phillips explains the UO’s response to COVID-19

He was interviewed by the Oregonian about remote classes and keeping compassion 
Laptop open to news website
March 10

UO researchers are providing expertise on new coronavirus

Faculty members have been quoted on the health, economic and risk factors from the outbreak
Worker using tissue at her desk
March 9

Will sick leave help me if I get COVID-19? 5 questions answered

Editor’s note: In the coming weeks and months, an outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States could leave workers scrambling to figure out what happens to
Joe Biden speaks at a rally
March 9

Speeches, scripted and off the cuff, turn Biden campaign around

David Frank writes that Biden’s speaking abilities will help determine the course of his campaign
Lab worker running tests
March 5

Americans still trust doctors, scientists in a public health crisis

Across the political spectrum, the most trusted were the CDC and doctors
Hand-washing demonstration
March 3

Why hand-washing really is as important as doctors say

It decreases the number of microbes on your hands and helps prevent the spread of disease
Paying a tab with a cellphone
February 26

People don't like being asked for a tip before they're served

A study found tips were 75 percent higher when requested only after being served
Man and woman at water cooler
January 29

Worried about accidentally harassing a woman? Don’t be

Overdoing it by avoiding women can do real harm to their careers, a law professor writes
Student gathering on courthouse steps
January 23

Dismissal of landmark climate lawsuit might not close the book

Law professor Mary Wood writes that the case could go to the U.S. Supreme Court
An espresso machine
January 22

The perfect cup of coffee, with a little help from science

UO chemist Chris Hendon and colleagues offer a better, more sustainable, way to brew