In The News

Open mouths
October 25

The Conversation: Political views can influence pronunciation

Linguist Zachary Jaggers says politics affects how people say foreign words and place names
Amazon workers walkout
September 26

What employees risk when they use the workplace for activism

Law professor Elizabeth Tippett contrasts marching in the street with workplace activism
Harvey Weinstein
September 19

Weinstein's lawyers may be the real villains, UO law prof writes

In The Conversation, Elizabeth Tippett assesses the role of attorneys in the 'She Said' exposé
Pocket calculator
September 16

Paper: Math skills aren't enough to get through hard decisions

Skill with numbers requires confidence as well as knowledge, prof writes in The Conversation
Art for Justice
August 23

Companies promoting causes can be accused of 'wokewashing'

Professor Kim Sheehan says firms can also be important allies in the quest for social change
Astronaut Neil Armstrong
July 16

What were Neil Armstrong's famous first words on the moon?

UO linguistics professor Melissa Michaud Baese-Berk calls it the case of the missing 'a.'
Sound array towed behind boat
June 24

Team uses sound to probe the interior of the Santorini volcano

The island of Santorini in the Mediterranean has attracted people for millennia.
Blue skies, prairie and mountains in Wyoming
June 13

Economics professor weighs in on Wyoming's blockchain boom

Economist Stephen McKeon says the firms setting up shop rarely have a physical presence
Angkor Wat
June 5

Angkor Wat digs yield new clues to its civilization's decline

UO anthropologist Alison Kyra Carter is reshaping the narrative around the city's rise and fall
Notre Dame fire
April 16

History prof says Notre Dame damaged, but it will survive

Architectural historian Maile Hutterer says the cathedral has overcome many challenges