Knight Campus

August 14
The small proteins can be engineered to go to the site of a broken bone and accelerate repair
July 10
New research from professor Paul Dalton launches affordable, open-source devices
May 29
It will double the campus’ capacity and boost engineering research and training
April 3
Bioengineering chair Danielle Benoit headlines Science Knight Out on April 11
March 6
Danielle Benoit, an expert in therapeutic biomaterials, is the inaugural Lokey Chair
March 3
A team led by Gabriella Lindberg is using a new tool to study ways of restoring tissue
January 23
Marian Hettiaratchi receives a sought-after $600,000 CAREER Award to pursue the idea
December 8
Other action at the recent meeting included approval of a new degree, UO Portland funds
October 31
Advances in bioengineering, materials science offer hope for breakthrough therapies
August 31
The university’s first iGEM team will present its work at an international event in October