Knight Campus

November 20
The doctoral program is the first engineering degree to be offered at the UO
November 18
The first building puts labs, classrooms and cutting-edge core facilities under one roof
November 10
Jonathan Reeder’s postdoctoral work points to wearable and implantable technologies
October 26
The funding takes advantage of UO's science strengths to double state testing capacity
October 12
A new biomedical research center will help advance underrepresented scientists
October 5
Raghu Parthasarathy is selected for his work on gut bacteria and membrane biophysics
August 31
Project co-led by a Knight Campus scientist delivers stability to a natural protein
August 27
Knight Campus researcher Tim Gardner and colleagues tested a 'nanoclip' in songbirds
August 21
Knight Campus director leads team studying blood vessel growth during recovery
August 3
Calin Plesa is improving a cheaper way to synthesize genes that he helped create at UCLA