Group activities at IntroDUCKtion
July 17

New Ducks get their feet wet during summer IntroDUCKtions

The summer sessions give both new students and their parents a preview of college life
Animal House cast on set
July 13

40 years later, does 'Animal House' make us laugh or cringe?

Like it or not, the iconic movie has become woven into the university's history and heritage
A television interview
July 12

SOJC offers 5 community engagement tips for journalists

The Agora Journalism Center is working on ways for journalists to regain the public's trust
June 21

Sending the Class of 2018 out into the ‘real world’

Hear what this year's grads thought about taking their last walk as undergraduates
Matt Knight Arena
June 19

The Class of 2018: A final day, but forever Ducks

Years of effort end in one last celebration marking the finish of one journey and the start of another
Freedom of Expression event logo
June 14

Balancing act: protecting free speech while promoting inclusion

The UO's Freedom of Expression series took on challenging issues around speech and safety
The Duck arm in arm with fans
May 11

Giving Day will be a chance for Ducks to help Ducks

Combined with University Day, the May 17 event gives anyone a chance to make the UO better
Satellite view of hurricane
April 19

Change Rangers enlist kids in the fight to address climate change

Two SOJC students win an international competition with their idea for a new kind of Scouting
Aerial rendering of Hayward Field
April 17

Hayward Field to be transformed through a design for the ages

'The finest track and field facility in the world' to open in 2020, taking an iconic location to new heights
Student sawing baseboard
March 30

Students are nailing down another affordable, efficient home

The fourth house designed and built by OregonBILDS students is nearing completion