Oregon Quarterly

January 21

Eugene Ballet and Greg Ahlijian Team Up for Jasper Mountain Youth

Artist and arborist Greg Ahlijian finds his calling in serving at-risk youth at the Jasper Mountain treatment center
January 21

Ellie Bartlett Hoodoo Ski Day Supports Oregon Adaptive Sports

An upcoming ski day celebrates and remembers a champion for people with disabilities
Three members of the 1897 climbing expedition on their way to the summit of Mount Rainier
January 21

Death on Mount Rainier: Edgar McClure Was A Climber and Chemist

Edgar McClure was a leader on campus in Eugene and on research expeditions
Economics professor Whitelaw—master of the multiple-choice quiz—was profiled in the Autumn issue
January 21

Letters to the Editor Winter 2020

Winter writers extolled the virtues of economics professor Ed Whitelaw and a memorable alumna
January 21

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October 2

Astronomy Research: An Asteroid Revealed

From star-gazing to asteroid-chasing, the UO astronomical facility offers a constellation of adventures
October 2

Biology Major Recruits Hogs to Help Hazelnuts

Tiny worms threaten Oregon's prolific hazelnut production. And only pigs can stop them. 
October 2

Helping the Homeless through Anthropology

A student's interviews with homeless women put a human face on a national dilemma
Hernandez (left), learns testing techniques at the elbow of experts such as ment
October 2

Knight Campus Puts Students on Fast Research Track

New research programs allow undergraduates to work with mentors in prestigious UO labs 
Painting of a Viking feast
October 2

Medieval Studies and the Viking Feast

A passion for the middle ages manifests as an examination of the all-purpose Viking feast