Oregon Quarterly

Greg Walden, former U.S. Representative
April 7

Greg Walden: A Friend Leaves the House

Now retired, former US Representative and alumnus Greg Walden has a future of skiing, kayaking, and camping ahead of him
Alumna Talisa Shevavesh works to build a model
April 7

Modeler Shaping Up with ZGF Architects

Talisa Shevavesh's work in building models sheds light on the highly anticipated new PDX airport
A group of Roseburg students circa 1959
April 7

Duck Tale: Eisenhower, Hoover, the Soviet Union and Grade Schoolers

New book from UO students highlights a connection between Russia and Oregon at the height of the Cold War
April 7

Letters to the Editor Spring 2021

A collection of readers' responses regarding various stories in the Winter 2021 issue
OQ spring 2021
April 7

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Woman with a microphone
February 24

Voices on Racism 3: Where do we go from here?

Oregon Quarterly asked UO faculty members, alumni, community members, and students for their reflections and perspectives
The new Knight Campus' bridge across Franklin Boulevard
January 20

Inside the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

University of Oregon ascends to new realms of discovery and opportunity with the Knight Campus
Brian Trapp, shot by Marjorie Celona
January 20

Twelve Words: Thoughts of Compassion Capture What Words Cannot

Twins can share a bond stronger than words
US Army men depicted attacking Natives during the Indian Wars
January 20

Historian Examines Native American Genocide, its Legacy, and Survivors

Jeffrey Ostler’s Surviving Genocide surveys three centuries of violence on the American frontier
Xavier "Princess" Warner and members of Black Unity PDX
January 20

Black Lives Matter Protests: Movement in Black and White

Student Mya Lansing's portraits shed light on this summer's Black Lives Matter protests