Oregon Quarterly

Donna and George McGuinness at the Metropol Bakery, with a portion of their collection on display behind them. Photograph by David Loveall
April 1

Still Life with Baguette

Baked goods and fine art come together at one of Eugene's most popular and longstanding bakeries
Photograph by Serin Fotography
April 1

The Truck That Keeps on Quacking

The family behind the wheel of the green and yellow Duck Truck
Four members of the 1938-39 University of Oregon basketball team, known as the Tall Firs, waving from the rear platform of a train as they depart Eugene for the 1939 NCAA basketball tournament's West regional held in San Francisco.
April 1

Before the Madness

In an excerpt of March 1939: Before the Madness, Terry Frei explores the roots of the Ducks basketball team
Daryle Hawkins at the 2013 Civil War game. Photograph courtesy of Russ Long - gridirongirl.org
April 1

The Sporting Life

A peek into a day in the life of Ducks wide receiver Daryle Hawkins and what it means to be a student-athlete
Photograph courtesy of Victoria Sweet
April 1

Slow Medicine

A doctor advocates a more compassionate approach to health care
April 1

Letters to the Editor Spring 2014

Letters to the editor include a six-word story, comments on the Gordon Gilkey's legacy, and more
Download the Spring 2014 issue (PDF)
April 1

Download the Spring 2014 issue (PDF)

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Annette Buchanan and her attorney Arthur Johnson head to the Lane County Courthouse in June 1966.
October 1

The Stand She Took

An Emerald editor's decision to protect her sources frustrated authorities and helped change the law
While the true story of Opal Whiteley may never be known, the love she felt for the natural world is indisputable. Photograph courtesy University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
October 1

Curiouser and Curiouser: Embracing Opal Whiteley

An enigmatic Oregonian whose mysterious life and work continue to defy consensus
Guylish Bommelyn, Loren Bommelyn, Marva Jones, and Pyuwa Bommelyn outside the UO's Many Nations Longhouse during the Northwest Indian Languages Summer Institute. Photograph by Jack Liu
October 1

Strong Words

Revitalizing a language to save a culture from being lost in translation